The Struggles of being too Mature for your Age


If you are anything like me, then you know what it's like to be singled out because of your maturation level. People may comment on your reserved behavior or try to get you to join in on pointless activities with them, even if you care not to. Being too mature for your age has several pros and cons, and I will be sharing some struggles of being level-headed.

You Can't Relate to Anyone Your Age

This is probably one of the most difficult parts about being mature. Everyone wants to fit in and feel like they belong, but if your maturity surpasses that of your peers, then it can be really difficult. I knew I was too mature for my age when I was in elementary school. I would hang around the recess aids instead of interacting with the other kids; I really just felt out of place when I did. It is safe to say that I relate to older people more than I do people my age. This is especially difficult if you are in college because everyone is hanging out with their friends and going to events, but you still feel alone because no one in the crowd is on your level. Additionally, sometimes talking to people my age or younger can be frustrating because they worry about things that I wouldn't think twice about. For example, most people would be upset if a random stranger rolled their eyes at them or if they didn't get a text back from their partner; or just small things that shouldn't be a huge deal. Immature people make small issues into big problems, which is why I stay away from people my age.

Small Talk is Like Pulling teeth

"Hey, so uh, how's the weather?" Seriously, the question I dread the most. Small talk is probably my biggest pet peeve, and it is something I seldomly engage in. When you are mature, you care to discuss topics that most people are not comfortable talking about. Having conversations about injustices, politics, religion, or sex are ones that I enjoy the most. Immature people typically do not like these conversations because they do not know how to participate in them, and they usually do not think outside the box. Being mature means that you enjoy intellectual conversations, and you can have them without firing up a debate.

People Your Age are Annoying to You

I hate to say it, but yes its true. Most people my age are very annoying to me due to their lack of maturity. Many conversations and behaviors that people my age do are just not appealing to me. Gossiping all day and standing up at the same house parties are not my thing, so yeah, it can be frustrating if you are mature.

You are Often Called "Boring"

Basically, if you are not gossiping, fighting, or attending the same house party every weekend then you are boring. I have been told I am boring by immature people many times because I refuse to partake in activities that have no meaning. I would much rather go skydiving, take road trips, go to waterparks, vacations, and do things I have never done before rather than partying. Immature people function best in their comfort zones, and they typically do not like trying new, spontaneous things, which is why mature people are labeled as "boring." In addition, mature people are aware of their health and reputation, so making risky decisions all the time is not really attractive to those with higher maturation levels.

Being too mature is a blessing and curse. It is good to have knowledge beyond your years and have the ability to deal with life's struggles, but it can hurt when you are longing for belongingness. Yes, it sucks being too mature for your age, but finding strong friendships in older people is so refreshing and it can teach you many life lessons. Don't be discouraged if you seem to not "click" with your peers, you are different, and being different is good.