Da'Ja'Nay Askew, B.S. 

Self-confidence advocate, Coach, Scholar, Businesswoman 

Having confidence is not always so easy, but that is why am here to help! I believe that confidence and self-love are the foundations that ultimately set your life up for success. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more you are able to accomplish and you are better able to handle tough situations that come your way!

I have my Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology and Social Work with a minor in Religious Studies. I work full-time while I am pursuing my Master's part-time. Additionally, I have my own tutoring business, Bravo Brains Tutoring & Consulting. I am a researcher, scholar, and advocate. 

 I am passionate about studying race relations and jealousy. My dream career is to be a professor at a Historically Black College/University and found my own assisted living facilities. I am passionate about helping others and pushing them to reach success! Let's take this journey together and FLOURISH!